Tips on How Not to Get Duped by Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos may not have been around for a long time but they aren’t really a novice industry. There are thousands of these gambling websites you can find online if you ever want to try out some virtual gambling fun. Offering a web-based alternative to traditional gambling, it also features certain elements that may not be found in land-based casinos.

For instance, there is the online bonus— something that is unique to online casinos. Almost every gambling site online offers this that players have come to expect them every time they sign up. However, people need to understand that while it may usually come in the form of free money or free gambling time, it is not really truly free.

Online casinos are known to attach certain rules and conditions to these bonuses and players need to meet these conditions if they are to make the most of the offer. A lot of online players often think that just because something is offered as a bonus, it is assumed to be free.

In online gambling, it’s usually anything but. While online casinos can afford to give out loads of freebies to their players, they’d certainly want to make sure that players aren’t just going to run away with them.

This is why certain safeguards are being placed upon the acceptance of these bonuses and players must fulfill them or they forfeit the offer.

Do you need it?

While getting freebies is always exciting, always ask yourself first if it is really something you need. Considering how freebies in online casinos aren’t really totally free, only accept those offers that you know you need and you’ll benefit from. This is the reason that bonus offers aren’t really mandatory— they’re optional so you will always have the option to turn them down.

Know the rollover rate.

Find out how usable the bonus is going to be. To do this, take a closer look at the bonus’ rollover rate. This is the specific wagering amount you need to cover before you will be allowed to cash out your bonus. Playthroughs can be 10-30 times the bonus amount.

Sometimes, it could be even higher! This can be quite a steep price, especially if the bonus amount is a notable sum as well. This is why you always want to know what this rate is before accepting anything.

When should you accept a bonus?

The best time to accept a bonus is when you can afford to make a huge deposit so you will get an equally large bonus. This assumes that you can afford to meet the playthrough requirements, no matter how steep it gets. It’s also ideal to accept the bonus when you can only spare a rather small amount to spare for bets. The bonus is going to augment your funds thus, allowing you to make higher bets.

As always, the best guiding principle on whatever you decide on while gambling online is that anything you can’t comfortably afford isn’t really worth risking anything for.

Free money is always enticing. Unfortunately, when online gamblers are faced with the prospect of getting a bonus, they often fail to consider the possibility that this may not be totally free. Always remember to check the terms and conditions and only when you’re sure they’re very doable should you accept any offer.  

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